Vigano Balance Sheet

The main question right now is, "Are Vigano's claims credible?"


Vigano is very knowledgeable on the topic

He has had access to documents and correspondence, has observed actions by key people, and been a participant in many conversations related to the key people involved in the accusations.

Vigano gives details that are already documented

Vigano has made claims that have been corroborated and verified by eyewitnesses

Vigano has given background information that can be verified or falsified by observable evidence

Whether documents or eyewitness testimony by other people, we can find out if many of his claims are true.

Vigano made accusations against Pope Francis that the Holy Father has not denied

Vigano has been involved in whistleblowing before, and his claims were vindicated in the past

Pope Francis has removed sanctions on abusers in the past

Proof of sanctions levied against McCarrick during Benedict’s papacy is not confined to Viganó’s testimony. 

A June 2014 Washington Post piece headlined, “Globe-trotting Cardinal Theodore McCarrick is almost 84, and working harder than ever,” highlighted just how ubiquitous McCarrick was after Francis was elected. The report confirmed he’d been sidelined by Benedict, only to re-emerge under Francis.

“McCarrick is one of a number of senior churchmen who were more or less put out to pasture during the eight-year pontificate of Benedict XVI,” the Post piece states. “But now Francis is pope, and prelates like Cardinal Walter Kasper (another old friend of McCarrick’s) and McCarrick himself are back in the mix, and busier than ever.”

Former nuncio now says sanctions against McCarrick were ‘private’

Facts and omissions of Viganò’s testimony against Francis

"Virtually everyone knew": Priest says he repeatedly complained about Cardinal McCarrick$s

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Pope will not say 'a single word' on cover-up claims

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Ex-Nuncio Accuses Pope Francis of Failing to Act on McCarrick’s Abuse

After the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report on Abuse

Pope quietly trims sanctions for sex abusers seeking mercy

EXCLUSIVE: Viganó doubles down: McCarrick was restricted under Benedict, but ‘he didn’t obey’


Vigano has everything to lose if he is lying

It is claimed that Vigano has been critical of Pope Francis in the past

Corroborating claims

Contradicting claims



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