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Often, teachers who hate Christianity have only been taught one side of the story. They know all of the mistakes that Christians have made, but have no perspective on what Christians have done for the world. At school, especially in college, we Christians must be very careful how we present our views.

When taking a class where the teacher is bashing Christianity, use irony and exaggeration to its full effect. It is the weakness of all materialists that they have no sense of irony. Play to their weakness, instead of arguing about topics like whether the Inquisitions were as bad as people think, you should ask, "What were all of the fathers of science thinking? I mean, Newton, Bacon, Kepler, Galileo, they all avidly read the Bible! They thought they were glorifying God by studying nature! What a bunch of dopes!"

Play the straight man, so straight that the classmates can sense the irony. I've known several practitioners who stay sane with this technique, and I've used it myself. It's fun, subversive, and you may enjoy school even more than you did before!

Raise questions that are inspired by Christian truth, without making that connection explicit. You may be surprised by the highly positive responses from professors. This can show that you are not just tackling issues that are safe and easy, but are willing to choose a topic that is interesting, outside the box, and that you want to tackle a greater challenge.

It's not always or popular or easy, but Christians must take courage and oppose the tyranny of sin that is enveloping our world.