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NAB Errors?

Does the NAB contain heresy? Even though the Lectionary for Mass readings is based on the NAB, the NAB translation is so poor that key passages, like Luke 1:28, were reworked for the Mass readings. While the real value of the translation is up for debate, it is a fact that the footnotes contain errors.
NAB footnotes contain the following claims:
  • Calls the Catholic dogma of Purgatory a "notion"
  • Casts doubt on passages that clearly give support to the dogma of Purgatory
    • 1 Corinthians 3:15 
  • Challenges the Marian Dogma of the Immaculate Conception
    • Luke 2:35
  • Insinuates that Jesus was hostile toward Mary or denied the common interest with his mother
    • John 2:4
  • Mary "objected" to the angel's message, and doubted God at the Annunciation
    • Luke 1, 26-38
  • Repeated insinuations that Jesus could not predict the future
    • Matthew 16:21-23
  • 1 Samuel puts evil into the mouth of God
  • In the Pauline corpus the Greek word πορνείᾳ (porneia), which means "sexual immorality" is rendered vaguely as “immorality.” In our era of widespread sexual confusion and sin, texts like these be made obscure.[commentary]
  • The book of Judges errs in its theology by failing to distinguish between primary and secondary causes
    • Judges 21:15
  • Matthew repeatedly made mistakes in his application of Old Testament prophecies
    • Matthew 21:4-5
  • John put anti-Jewish polemics which belonged to the late first century into Our Lord's mouth
    • John 1:19